Today, August 27 2015, marks the publication day of the final book that Terry Pratchett wrote before his death earlier in the year. I remember hearing the news and was visibly shaken, which given I never knew him, is a little odd. 

I love his books and have been reading them since the 1980s. I thought it was about time he took his place on the blog, with a list of all his works, and my thoughts on them.

Thank you for all the joy Sir Terry. I shall miss looking forward to your new book each year. 


1983        The Colour of Magic

1986        The Light Fantastic

1987        Equal Rites

1987        Mort

1988        Sourcery

1988        Wyrd Sisters

1989        Pyramids

1989        Guards! Guards!

1990        Eric

1990        Moving Pictures

1991        Reaper Man

1991        Witches Abroad

1992        Small Gods

1992        Lords and Ladies

1993        Men at Arms

1994        Soul Music

1994        Interesting Times

1995        Maskerade

1996        Feet of Clay

1996        Hogfather

1997        Jingo

1998        The Last Continent

1998        Carpe Jugulum

1999        The Fifth Elephant

2000        The Truth

2001        Thief of Time

2001        The Last Hero

2001        The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents

2002        Night Watch

2003        The Wee Free Men

2003        Monstrous Regiment

2004        A Hat Full of Sky

2004        Going Postal

2005        Thud!

2006        Wintersmith

2007        Making Money

2009        Unseen Academicals

2010        I Shall Wear Midnight

2011        Snuff

2013        Raising Steam

2015        The Shepherd's Crown