Photography Sunday #6: Where I Am Surrounded By Glamour

You may have noticed the absence of Photography Sunday last week. Well, that was because I was doing actual photography! I was photographing the wonderful Champagne At The Blitz. The singing trio are a vintage group, made up of Caroline, Jenny and Sarah, Jenny be married to one of my book club pals. They have performed at various events, and been on the telly don't you know. Last Saturday was their first full concert, just them and a wonderful audience gathered in Rotherwick Village Hall. There was bunting, flag waving, vintage clothes* and me with an astonishingly heavy zoom lens and a panicked expression as I tried to capture the concert for posterity. 

2017-02-03 CATB 2_389.jpg

The girls were brilliant, you can hear samples of their singing on their website, but live they were outstanding. They were pitch perfect and the atmosphere was brilliant. They have a second concert planned for November, so if you are in the area, I would urge you get tickets. It's a wonderful evening and you will leave feeling throughly cheered. 

2017-02-03 CATB 2_341.jpg
2017-02-03 CATB 2_572.jpg
2017-02-03 CATB 2_211.jpg

*The Delightful Mr F was dapper in his tweed suit