Push Back: After the EMP (Disruption Trilogy Book 2) (English Edition) par R.E. McDermott

Push Back: After the EMP (Disruption Trilogy Book 2) (English Edition) par R.E. McDermott

Titre de livre: Push Back: After the EMP (Disruption Trilogy Book 2) (English Edition)

Auteur: R.E. McDermott

Broché: 391 pages

Date de sortie: July 26, 2016

Éditeur: R.E. McDermott

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R.E. McDermott avec Push Back: After the EMP (Disruption Trilogy Book 2) (English Edition)

The exciting story continues with PUSH BACK, Book 2 of THE DISRUPTION TRILOGY!

Earth reels in the aftermath of an EMP spawned by a savage solar storm, a global disaster of unprecedented proportion that leaves most of the world without electrical power or the means to restore it. Across the world, the responses of unprepared national governments are too little, too late. In the U.S., order collapses and opportunistic forces rise to fill the power vacuum, as what remains of a self-serving federal bureaucracy prioritizes the survival of politicians and bureaucrats over that of the general population.

As chaos and starvation spread, isolated pockets of survivors unite to survive. In Texas, Captain Jordan Hughes and a ragtag group of seamen and ex-Coastguardsmen gather their families close and resist the depredations of a horde of escaped convicts. Meanwhile, in North Carolina, a similarly determined group of survivors attempts to use salvaged resources, not only to save themselves, but also to feed the hungry.

But not everyone is happy about the efforts of the valiant and resourceful few. Secure in his Camp David compound, a corrupt president consolidates power and builds a mercenary force to deal with any possible challenges to his absolute authority and to seize all dwindling resources for ‘government use and fair distribution.’

Survivors in this post-apocalyptic world are thus dealt another blow as they’re betrayed by the very government established to protect them. Do they knuckle under to a dictator, or do they PUSH BACK?


First, if you’ve come to this page because you read UNDER A TELL-TALE SKY, and you’re looking for more of the same, you’re in the right place. And I’ll add a huge THANKS for making that book a resounding success. UNDER A TELL-TALE SKY has received more great reviews more quickly than anything I’ve ever written, and I appreciate them all. I hope PUSH BACK continues to live up to your expectations.

Secondly, if you’re new to the trilogy, welcome. There is a brief re-cap of the ‘the story thus far’ at the beginning of PUSH BACK, so it is possible to start the series with this book. That said, I think you’ll have a better reading experience if you read UNDER A TELL-TALE SKY first. The third book and final book of the trilogy, PROMISES TO KEEP was published in September 2017.

Finally, I could fill up the rest of my allotted space describing how wonderful and exciting this trilogy is, but I figure if you’ve read UNDER A TELL-TALE SKY and you’re now reading this, I don’t need to. And if you aren’t yet into the series, you’ll assume anything I say about my own work is hype. (I certainly would).

So instead, I’ll just include a couple of excerpts from the growing list of reader reviews, and invite your attention to the rest of those reviews further down the page. (Hint: I normally read the worst ones first.)

Excerpts From Amazon Reviews (See full text in Reviews section)

In UNDER A TELL-TALE SKY, McDermott provides a very credible example of a post-apocalyptic/dystopian world caused when an EMP generated by a solar flare takes down the power grid. In PUSH BACK, the characters we came to care for in the first book carry on the struggle against opportunists, criminals, and a world gone mad. Get them both. These are page turners that will keep you awake at night. - Randall Tabor

McDermott brings an interestingly different perspective to the post-apocalyptic thriller, in a complete departure from the usual Mad Max-type outlook. An apocalypse caused by a credible natural phenomenon rather than war, terrorism, or other act of man, was a refreshing change from the usual EMP, nuclear, or plague scenario. His characters are likeable and believable and his plots gripping. – C. Blom