[(American Volcano)] [By (author) Charles A Kidwell] published on (May, 2008) par Charles A Kidwell

[(American Volcano)] [By (author) Charles A Kidwell] published on (May, 2008) par Charles A Kidwell

Titre de livre: [(American Volcano)] [By (author) Charles A Kidwell] published on (May, 2008)

Auteur: Charles A Kidwell

Date de sortie: May 31, 2008

Éditeur: iUniverse

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Charles A Kidwell avec [(American Volcano)] [By (author) Charles A Kidwell] published on (May, 2008)

"As a lifetime student of geology, I find "American Volcano" to be an exciting novel . Our planet's and nation's recent experiences with seemingly unbelievable natural events of overwhelming magnitude indeed make the events in "American Volcano" seem so real and something we expect to encounter in tomorrow's newscast." -Jim Hossley, MS Geology, Major (Ret.), USAFR It was love at first sight for Josh Carter when he saw the beautiful, dark-haired Karen Jones in one of his geology classes. If he could only get the courage to talk to her, he knows they'd have a lot in common. After all, they're both PhD candidates in geology at the University of Utah, and they share an avid interest in volcanoes. Josh gets his chance to know Karen better when their professor and mentor, Jonathan Jenkins, invites them to embark on the expedition of a lifetime-a field study at Yellowstone National Park. Josh and Karen, along with another student, start their research at the Park when the unexpected happens and several earthquakes rock the area surrounding the Yellowstone volcano. During this extraordinary natural event, the team gathers a plethora of data and begins to learn about the potential destructive power of the American volcano. But beyond science, Josh and Karen grow closer, and Josh dares to hope there might be a future for them. As the team of scientists continue to monitor the volcano's activities, they realize the volcano may signal an unprecedented event in geological history-an eruption of epic proportions. But even more, it could also trigger a series of natural disasters unlike anything America has ever witnessed .