Coeur Synthetique

Coeur Synthetique

Titre de livre: Coeur Synthetique

Broché: 216 pages

Date de sortie: March 1, 2006

ISBN: 390570143X

Éditeur: JRP Editions

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Coeur Synthetique

Accumulation and fragmentation, mannerism and desublimation, refinement and violence--all the characteristics of the young Swiss artist Lori Hersberger's installations and chaotic, rock-and-roll sound-tracked videos mark his work over the last five years. Its pages mix reproduction, direct intervention on images, serigraphy and glowing fluorescent color. The selection focuses on pictures painted on canvas and acrylic glass, as well as spatial works including materials such as mirrors, neon lights and polystyrene. The black and white photographs in the opening and closing sections show places and situations which the artist documented in his own personal environment during the same period, and which complement the works and exhibition views shown here.