Decorations at Home par Stephanie von Pfuel

Decorations at Home par Stephanie von Pfuel

Titre de livre: Decorations at Home

Auteur: Stephanie von Pfuel

ISBN: 3832794603

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Stephanie von Pfuel avec Decorations at Home

In this follow up to the successes of Cool Events at Home, Stephanie von Pfuel shares her secrets for making any home feel as perfect as a sanctuary. With her usual flair, Stephanie reveals the beauty of everyday objects as she describes how to give ordinary household items surprising and creative new roles. With skill and imagination, candlesticks become vases and apples become lanterns. Combining functionality with a dash of fantasy, this guidebook to quirky home design opens the door to a world of grace and beauty. The stunning photographs will both inspire and inform you, impressing you with its message: no project that is too difficult to imagine is too difficult to complete Through Stephanie's example, you can learn to trust your own instincts--and ultimately create living spaces that will reflect your unique personality and personal history.