The Art of Bone par Jeff Smith

The Art of Bone par Jeff Smith

Titre de livre: The Art of Bone

Auteur: Jeff Smith

Broché: 200 pages

Date de sortie: July 10, 2007

ISBN: 1593074417

Éditeur: Dark Horse

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Jeff Smith avec The Art of Bone

*Never before and rarely seen artwork, outlines, and entire stories from Jeff Smith's Bone are collected in this full-color volume! *Hardcover, measures 9" x 12" *200 pages, full color *Brand new Bone is an international publishing sensation with hundreds of thousands of loyal readers and no end in sight to its growing popularity. Now, for the first time anywhere, see the homemade comics, sketches, and grand plans that set this masterpiece of literary fantasy in motion. From there, take a tour through piles of promotional art, holiday cards, and pivotal storytelling moments from the revolutionary self-publishing years, where Bone went from "the little comic that could" to an industry leader that changed the face of comics. Finally, revel in the wonder of Bone as a complete 1300-page novel, a work for the ages, filled with comedy and tragedy and adventure for generations to come.