OK, I admit it. I have a book addiction...

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I'm an engineer, living in Hampshire in the UK, and I have a serious book addiction. I love all books, but have a particular weakness for literary, fantasy and crime fiction. 

It's rare that I go into a bookshop and come out empty handed. I have accumulated so many books now, that I have to operate a strict one in, one out policy.

I can be quite grumpy when I don't get time to read and so if you see me with a book in my hand, best leave me to it.

I know I am not alone and as I think there are plenty of worse addictions out there, I don't intend to go cold turkey (much to the relief of booksellers everywhere). Instead, I thought I would share my reading experiences on this blog and hope that you will share your thoughts on reading and books with me.

You can contact me via the form on the contacts page, or leave a comment. 

Happy reading!


Review Policy:

I have been asked if the books I review are supplied by authors or publishers. The answer to that is no. Every book reviewed on this site has been chosen and either bought or borrowed from the library by me. I have on the odd occassion been offered books by pubishers, but have chosen not to accpet since the titles didn't really interest me and I worried about remaining independent. So there we have it. What you read here are my honest thoughts on my book choices, nothing more nothing less.